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Group 4 NJ State Relays

so the meet yesterday.. i got to the bubble at 3 and didn’t leave til 10:45. shit was crazy. but i started off my night with a 4x800 with  http://nickprice.tumblr.com/ and were joined by our sprinter friends  http://ayyleto.tumblr.com/ and john. this was their first time trying an 800 ever. nick started off with a solid leg at about 2:04 give or take with a lot of traffic. the exchange wasn’t pretty, but when i got it i took a nice kick up to third place with a (hand timed) 2:02.10 split. then giving it off to john, went out sprinter-fast which effed it up a little. but still clocked about a 2:14 for his first time ever. and leto was a more controlled 2:08. we were seeded 13 and wound up taking 7th in the heat, but got displaced in the heat before us by a second, so 8th overall. not bad for a day of experimenting.

at about 10:00, it was time for our 4x400. i was with the sprinters. andreo was the lead off, to previously mentioned john, and then to also previously mentioned leto, to me. anchoring. i felt lucky. 4th heat, 4th seed, 4x400, 4th leg. and i love the number 4. andreo handed it off in 3rd i think. john picked it up to 2nd if i’m correct. and then leto handed it off to me 10 meters ahead of the pack in 1st. no one passed me. i felt like i was speeding. apparently we won by a substantial margin too. my (hand timed) split was a 53.03. 13th place overall.

my two splits yesterday were PRs for indoors. plus, there was only one senior involved in the meet yesterday (1600 leg for DM). all of the guys i ran with are back next year. we wound up not scoring a single point in a meet where we usually aim to win, but it was a great outlook for next season and next year.

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